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QstatLab is a collection of significant scientific knowledge, which has been accumulated over years of academic research and direct participation in number of industrial collaborations. Friendly and intuitive user interface allows quick and easy application in the following areas:

  • Product quality improvement
  • Design tune and optimization
  • Multiobjective optimization
  • Optimal Robust design
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Training and education
  • Research and development
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    Constrained and unconstrained, Single objective – and, multiobjective optimization, pre-build and customized sequences of optimization methods,  discrete variables, parallel function evaluations, optimization for mixtures and linearly dependant models

    Response surface modeling

    Multivariable models including - kriging,  multiple regression analysis, kohonen neural networks, number of uni-variate curve fitting methods, including splines, non-linear equations, polynomials.

    Analysis of variance – one way and multi-way ANOVA.

    Robust optimal design

    Rapid stochastic model construction. Models include – mean, standard deviation and variance; four methods for mean and variance computation

    Flexible model definition

    Response surface models, robust engineering models, plus, models based on spreadsheet functions, scripts (VBScript or JavaScript), external executables and models based on discrete variables, mixture and linearly dependant models. 

    Design of experiments

    Full and fractional factorial designs, composite and rotatable designs, LPtau, random and D-optimal designs, Mixture and linearly dependant designs              

    Quality improvement

    Scatter plots, Pareto diagrams, Histograms, Control charts – variables and attributes, Normal and half-normal plots of effects, Normality tests, Time series, R&R analysis – gage capability studies, Statistical data analysis,  Stratification

    Additional tools

    Contour and 3D surface plots, ternary plots, active spreadsheet, search, replace and filter, clipboard formatting, distribution calculator, random generator, online help and automatic updates

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    Courses and consultancy

    We provide training and courses in the following fields:

  • Statistical methods for quality control (SPC)
  • Design and analysis of experiments (DOE)
  • Single and multiobjective optimization, including constrained problems
  • Robust engineering
  • Response surface models
  • Six sigma
  • Modelling and identification
  • Courses and consultancy projects are available on request. Please contact us at info@qstatlab.co.uk to obtain quotation


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