How useful is QstatLab to you and your organization?

QstatLab is a collection of significant scientific knowledge, which has been accumulated over years of academic research and direct participation in number of industrial collaborations. Friendly and intuitive user interface allows quick and easy access to a large number of tools

Quality monitoring and control – QstatLab can help monitor the quality of your product, reveal potential or existing problems as well as help your team find the cause and the solution. This is possible using several methods commonly referred to as Statistical Process Control – Pareto diagrams, scatter plots, histograms, process capability analysis, control charts, gage capability analysis, normal plots, interpolation.

Tune and optimize – Using existing data, QstatLab can build kriging and regression models and propose optimal set of manufacturing parameters, to increase the quality, robustness and performance of your production. In real world, often there are more than one goal to achieve. QstatLab provides powerful Pareto front construction and exploration tools. You should be able to find the best compromise with ease.

Optimal Robust design – one of the very important problems in production is to achieve best performance whilst maintaining low sensitivity to internal or external variations – then the product will be both optimal and robust. A product possessing such characteristics is likely to attract steady flow of customers.

Sensitivity analysis – Discover the degree of influence of various parameters to the performance of your final product. Several tools include ANOVA, Significance tests of regression coefficients and kriging – hyperparameters carry sensitivity information for each variable

Study and improve - if you do not have available data, but wish to build models, observe and optimize the process, use the Design of Experiments tool. It will propose experiments that will gather maximum amount and quality of information. Once the measurements are available, build models, plot contour plots or 3 dimensional surface plots to study or optimize the process

Research and development – QstatLab could be a powerful tool in the hands of researchers with its highly customizable optimization sequences, graphical capabilities and wide range of scientific tools. There is no limit to how the optimization problem is being setup. Should you prefer working with spreadsheet formulae, QstatLab is fully equipped with a large number of spreadsheet functions. If you prefer the flexibility of writing scripts in any language supported by Windows (VBasic, JavaScript are included by default, but many more are available) then the script engine is the right tool for you. Use it to create as complex functions as you need, call external packages, run jobs in parallel, manipulate data in the spreadsheet. If you prefer dealing with response surface methods then several are at your disposal – full regression analysis, including stepwise regression, Kohonen neural networks, splines, etc.

Industrial training and Academic Education – Optimization, modelling, statistics, Six sigma, Robust design, design of experiments, curve fitting – you name your area - the package will quickly deliver results in industrial environments, whilst at the same time it can aid educational processes giving a friendly exploration platform, packed with advanced visualization tools. Training and consultancy sessions for industry and academia are also offered.


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